The Complete Basics of E Learning | Online Training | 2017
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The Basics of E Learning

Introduction to E Learning


Elearning or electronic learning is the use of electronic media to impart education to people. The term electronic media is a very broad term that includes the internet, computer, video lectures, electronic manuals, online courses and online training etc. Anybody who uses a computer has certainly indulged himself in some type of E Learning; be it an online course or be it a video tutorial about a drawing on a software.

E-learning is also known by some other names like virtual learning, online learning, distance learning or Web-based learning. Most people think about e-learning as a combination of different topics summarized on a bunch of slides whereas e-learning is much more than that. Different e-learning courses share different methodologies. Some include virtual interaction over software like Skype etc. while others include video tutorials and video assignments.

There are mainly three types of e-learning namely:

  • Informal E Learning
  • Corporate E Learning
  • Academic E Learning

Informal E-learning is a type of e-learning which involves no cost. Many platforms are nowadays providing free of cost technical courses that allow people to learn by staying at their place. Corporate e-learning is mainly used by the professionals to train their employees. Different e-learning programs are designed to train the employees according to the given needs of the firm. Academic E-learning helps a student earn an accredited degree through online platforms. Academic e-learning is trending the most amongst the other two.

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Technical Terms You Will Need to Know

E-learning comes with its technical terms and it is very important to know all these. Some of them are as follows:

  • LMS

LMS or Learning Management System is a system that enables creating, updating and delivering e-learning courses. These courses accompany the tools for tracking the progress of the student as well as the tools for reporting.

  • HTML

HyperText Markup Language or HTML5 uses semantic tags to deliver e-learning.

  • Storyboard

A storyboard is a detailed document which contains the highlights or the summary of the whole e-learning course and its elements.

e learning

Advantages of e-learning:


Save Time on Travelling

  • One of the main benefits of an e-learning program is that it doesn’t require the physical presence of the student. Thus, it saves you the time for traveling to a university or a school for learning.


Utilise Your Time Effectively 

  • E-learning allows students to treat their e-learning course as subject and plan or design the rest of their schedule accordingly. It helps the students in utilizing their time in an effective way.


Usage of High Tech Resources 

  • E-learning involves several technological gadgets and equipment that greatly enhance the teaching process. It helps the students in learning more by exploiting such resources.


Reduce Expenses 

  • E-learning courses are also cheaper when it comes to money.


Learn Something New

  • E-Learning is a great tool for people who earn or are busy in most of the part of their day. E-learning gives them a chance to learn something new without quitting their ultimate priorities.

Is E-Learning worth a try?


E-learning has totally changed the confinement of a classroom into a broader learning environment. If you want to experience e-learning, get yourself enrolled in an online program or some additional online course because E-learning never disappoints when it comes to learning.

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